Welcome all!

I’m Debbie Prather, married to the love of my life, my husband Craig, for the past thirty years.

I love the Lord and adore my family, and my joy and zeal is to share about both.

My prayer is that as you read my stories, God would bless you with new revelations about your stories.

I also pray that He gives you a deep joy that can’t be depleted by life circumstances; tender grace, moment by moment, for yourself and the people placed in front of you; and a powerful, life-changing, uncommon love for others that can only occur from His Holy Spirit living inside you.

Our family consists of our son, Brett, 27, and his wife, Abby; our son, Collin, 23, and his wife, Jennifer; and our daughter, Marina, who turned 17 years old last spring. These are my people and I feel enormously blessed and thankful to have their endearment and support, and to celebrate together our God-given voyages of life.

| Collin, Jennifer, Debbie, Craig, Marina, Brett and Abby |

The very first entry on 742iloveyou five years ago, linked below, explains the name of my blog and the reasons I started on this writing journey.


I’ve enjoyed journaling since high school and always have a towering stack of books on my bedside table. I have a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, and for as long as I can remember have been a bit obsessive about good nutrition and organic eating.

I need to go for long walks and bike, swim, kayak, dance, do cartwheels and any and all activities that keep me moving.

Another hobby I love is plogging, even though I’m not from Sweden and usually don’t jog when I do.

I’m passionate about my faith, my family and friends, children everywhere, and traveling near and far, especially near beautiful bodies of water.

The two creatures that make me smile the most are the sweet goldendoodles, Shelby and Jovi, who share our home.

My favorite thing of all is to laugh and connect the old-fashioned way, face to face. When that isn’t possible, I can be reached via my contact page.

Thanks for stopping by – God bless you always.