the dash that is our life

Yesterday, I visited the cemetery where my dad was laid to rest in 1985.  I hadn't planned to stop there, but construction and a wrong turn after dropping my mom at the airport led me on an adventure through the city of Chicago, and then to the highway that passed his exit. I settled in... Continue Reading →

peace, love and homeschooling

Like putting sore, tired feet in front of the fire, homeschooling has brought peace and rejuvenation to our hearts and to our household. And sleep!  Ahhhh, did I mention sleep?  We were running on caffeine and fumes for far too long, and this past winter I finally saw the light. We had a cold evening... Continue Reading →

pull the plug on porn

I put this letter in the mail today and hope to hear back. Dear Mr. Allen Smith, My husband and I have had the great  privilege of staying at several of your amazing hotels.  We think the Four Seasons are the most luxurious resorts on the planet. His company often uses your properties as the... Continue Reading →

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