the affair

I’m having an affair.  I should feel very, very guilty . . but I don’t.  He’s a married father of three.  I’m also married with three children.  I happen to know his children very well.  In fact, I’ve known his wife my whole life.  She is me, I am her.  I’m having an affair with my husband.

It’s strangely quiet in our house this week while ALL of our children are gone.  Our oldest recently moved out-of-state for his first job and all is going well.  Our second is up in Canada with one of his best buddies visiting his other best friend.  Our daughter is at her favorite place in the world, a week-long summer camp an hour north of us.  We know all our kids are safe and happy – sooooooo, we can thoroughly enjoy these few days and nights that we have together.  ALL BY OURSELVES.  Did I mention that we’re ALONE? Candles, sweet music, good food, great wine; we’re loving like we mean it.

We often wonder what we’ll talk about when the kids are completely grown and out of the house.  If this week is any indication, it’s them.  And will we like each other?  Yes we do.  Yes, we most certainly do.

We’re approaching the 31st anniversary of the first time I fell for this guy I’m currently romancing.  It was at a party about a month before he was leaving for college. We went on a date or two prior to that, but nothing serious.  But THAT night, when he walked through the door . . . I loved the way his shorts fit his waist and the look of his strong, tanned wrists.  Truly!  I’m not kidding!

I sometimes wonder about my daughter and sons’ futures and who they’ll marry, then I realize that God already has it all figured out.  I look at them and know, that God knew, from the very beginning of time, that my love and I were going to belong together and that they were going to belong to us.

I know the love and affection we have in our marriage is rare and I’m grateful.  I know that every day is a gift from God and I’m so very thankful.  The kids have grown so fast and life is constantly changing.  I could worry about tomorrow but why?  I’ll enjoy today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

And today, right now, I’ll light the candles and put dinner on the table . . . my beloved is almost home.

“My beloved is mine and I am his . . ”   Song of Songs 2:16

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  1. OMG! Hardly believe you had time to write this in the midst of your week! So happy you shared. And happier yet for your realization that you have much to look forward to! At first I was dreading reading the post… thinking, “NO! NOT Debbie. Can’t be? Can it?” Well, now I know the rest of the story!

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